Star Trek Details the new ‘Picard,’ ‘Short Treks’ and ‘Discovery’ Seasons


Star Trek fans were served the ultimate "Trek" treat at New York Comic Con today when Sir Patrick Stewart debuted a new Star Trek: Picard trailer during the series' panel at Madison Square Garden.

Picard is then heard saying "I came here to find safety but one is never safe from the past", and new character Dahj (Isa Briones) is seen asking Picard for help from someone who is after her. Picard heads to the Federation in San Francisco, and spells out his name to someone who says, "It's nice to see you up and around again" which Picard isn't pleased to hear. Jeri Ryan also would make a crossover overall look as ex-Borg Seven of Nine from the "Star Trek Voyager" series.

NYCC also provided a teaser trailer for the third season of Discovery. Picard visits a startled Riker at home - his wife, empath Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), still by his side - and seeks his support for his secret mission.

"Believe me, I know much better", Riker suggests with a laugh. "I don't think the fans would have appreciated that", executive producer Heather Kadin said about regrouping everyone for nostalgia's sake.

While the new show will include other favorites from past Star Trek series, during the panel viewers were told not to expect a reunion for The Next Generation but rather only characters who will wind up within the story naturally. "We only brought people back if their story was part of the story that we were telling. We didn't want it to be, 'Oh, there's Riker!'"

"When we jump to this future that we don't know of, that's full of uncertainty", Martin-Green said.

"'Star Trek" is a mirror it retains itself up to society", he explained. A trailer for the new season picks up where by Period 2 left off: The USS Discovery has crossed by way of a wormhole and is 930 decades in the long term, with Burnham and her shipmates hunting to establish new life and uncover their position in a time interval they could not have fathomed. The first, written by Pultizer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon and directed by Mark Pellington, "Q&A" follows Ensign Spock's (Ethan Peck) first day aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, which doesn't go as planned when he and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) are unexpectedly stuck in a turbo-lift ( elevator).