Who Will be World's First in Destiny 2's Latest Raid?


In the meantime, Bungie has released a 30 second teaser trailer for the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid, officially titled "Garden of Salvation", revealing the first footage of its contents in action.

Xur is back again this week with new items for sale in Destiny 2. The 24-hour race is about to begin for the world's first clear, but do you know what you need to join in?

While Contest is active, players will face an enforced challenge throughout the raid. The raid has a starting requirement of 890 but ramps up to 920 for the final battle.

So what power level are you expected to hit before the raid arrives? Unfortunately, the developer has banned the exotic weapon Jotunn from the raid for 24 hours due to its effectiveness in combating enemies and bosses. Eris Morn warns players that the Black Garden is filled with danger.

If you are somehow a part of the first team in the world to clear the new Destiny 2 raid you'll gain a World First gold belt.

As with every D2 raid, the race will be on for the world first clear and there is sure to be tons of streaming on Twitch.

Lock and load then, Guardians. Simply as with earlier raids, your fireteam will encounter a number of obstacles specializing in fight engagements, puzzles, and even some concerned platforming sections. If so, bless you and your hatred for sleep. Just like previous raids, Bungie will keep an eye on who's in the lead. Maybe I'll see ya online. If Bungie has another Last Wish style adjustment coming, I'm excited to see it.