Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan introduces Hina Khan as Supermarket manager


Not happy with the contestants, Salman Khan, lost his cool and yelled at them. Salman meets the contestants through "Me Too" and announces that there is no elimination. Devoleena apologises for not meeting his expectations and promises to show her real side soon. "Get out of my house", said the superstar during the show's first Weekend Ka War show. He asks her to take a stand and not get scared from anyone. Rashami lands with a shower of red paint. She talks about her favourite contestants. Aarti was showered with flour.

Next up, comes the moment that the contestants have been waiting for, a task that gave them an outlet to speak out and burst the "gubbara" of misconceptions that their housemates have about themselves way to lash out on their dislikes by bursting out their target's "galatfahmi ka gubbara". He questioned each contestant about their choice of queen and whether Devoleena really deserved the position. Paras says that he voted for her because she was successful in "throwing Asim out within 10 minutes". Siddharth is hailed for giving a good start to the task but fizzling out midway. Rashami clarifies next why she defended Siddharth from going inside for the task and giving in Asim.

Salman advises how Bigg Boss hospital task was played, wasn't nice. Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill were voted by everyone as the strongest pair, while Mahira Sharma was selected as their adversary.

Salman asks them to sit on the chairs before them and next asks the housemates to vote a person whom they think can come between them.

Salman moves to next task where the housemates are asked to wear hair bands which has balloons on it. Salman asks the housemates to take a housemates name who they have a complain about and burts their balloons. The promo of the same has been shared by Colors on social media and fans of Bollywood Diva are elated to see her in the house of Bigg Boss.