Hong Kong Protests Escalate: What You Need To Know


The app crowdsources the locations of specific police units and contingents, as well as protesters, as the opposing sides engage in pitched battles in Hong Kong's narrow streets.

Apple found itself in the crosshairs of Chinese government anger over the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong Wednesday, with a key state-media outlet in Beijing accusing the USA tech giant of promoting a mapping application for smartphones that helps protesters in Hong Kong evade police.

US -based analysts and former officials have seized on the more recent developments involving Apple and Hong Kong.

It wasn't clear what the response would be, but Hong Kong's Hospital Authority canceled afternoon appointments at 13 outpatient clinics "in view of the traffic situation. and to ensure patient and staff safety". It is also the position of the central government (in Beijing) that Hong Kong should tackle the problem on her own.

But he strongly denied there are any mainland Chinese police working inside Hong Kong's police force.

But the number has been dwindling since around August, when China's state-run media began reporting protests in Hong Kong.

"The public arrangement of the entire town has been pushed to the verge of an extremely perilous situation", a police statement issued Monday explained.

She has said the mask ban will make identification of rioters easier for police and that other measures are possible if violence continues.

U.S. jewellery ticket Tiffany and Hong Kong's flagship provider, Cathay Pacific, have confidence also been heavily criticised in China.

Some students from La Salle College wear masks, which have been banned at protests under emergency powers, as they walk to school in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Sales in China declined four per cent in the quarter ending in June, but that was an improvement over the 25 per cent contraction in the first half of its fiscal year. Luxury goods like watches and jewelry are typical purchases by mainland tourists, and also the value of these earnings shrunk by almost half.

Hong Kong's economy has been hit hard by the protests, with many businesses and stores repeatedly closing as the Asian financial hub faces its first recession in a decade.

A pedestrian walks a dog during a protest in Admiralty, Oct. 6.

China tolerates no dissent on the highly sensitive danger and has in latest weeks increasingly centered foreign firms and organisations for perceived toughen of the protesters.

Dennis Kwok, a Civic Party member of the city's Legislative Council said the protest movement still enjoyed majority support despite the upsurge in violence.

"Wearing a mask is not a crime" has become a new battle cry as protesters have held daily rallies in the city centre and other districts since the ban was announced Friday.

A 14-year-old boy was shot and injured Friday night during a scuffle between a plainclothes police officer and demonstrators who had attacked his vehicle. They are also demanding an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality in their handling of the protests. Both shooting victims have also been arrested.

Asked if the government would consider asking Beijing to send in the military, she said the option was provided for under the Basic Law, the mini-constitution in effect since the former British colony was returned to Chinese rule in 1997.