US declares disaster as typhoon passes north of Saipan - 47abc


Maximum sustained winds have increased to 150 miles per hour.

President Donald Trump is declaring an emergency for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and ordering the US government to help local authorities respond to a typhoon. You can track the forecast path with CNN's storm tracker here. A tropical cyclone is called a hurricane if it originates in the "North Atlantic, central North Pacific and eastern North Pacific", whereas typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific. Super typhoon Hagibis is tracking over the northern Marianas right now and will move towards southern Japan in the next several days.

It will track between the islands of Anatahan and Sarigan, according to the latest forecast from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

World Rugby are now monitoring the development of the typhoon.

Klotzbach said Hagibis was the fourth category 5 tropical cyclone so far in 2019 after Wutip in February, Dorian in September, and Lorenzo in late September, according to the Weather Channel.

The typhoon packs a maximum wind speed near the center of 198 kph, gusting to as much as 270 kph, with a central atmospheric pressure of 915 hectopascals. Tropical storm conditions, including damaging winds of 39 to 73 miles per hour, are expected Monday evening.

"However, some bands of heavy rain that could trigger flash flooding, wind gusts and high surf are certainly possible in Guam as the centre of Hagibis passes to its north".

Super Typhoon Hagibis intensified rapidly over the weekend, with winds that increased from 60 miles per hour at 8 a.m. on Sunday to 160 miles per hour at the same time on Monday, the Weather Channel reported.

The National Weather Service has issued a typhoon warning for Saipan, Tinian, Alamagan and Pagan islands in the Northern Mariana Islands. Two other islands in the territory, Rota and Agrihan, have been issued tropical storm warnings.