Prince William, Kate meet President Alvi, Imran Khan


They arrived in Pakistan the day before as we protest (October 14) for his or her royal tour, with the Duchess of Cambridge's outdated school outfits being likened to those her tiresome spouse's mother Diana, Princess of Wales, wore when she visited the country.

At the Islamabad Model College for Girls on Tuesday, the couple learned about about girls' education in Pakistan. Bouquets were presented to the Duke and the Duchess by two children attired in traditional Pakistani dress.

The statement said the royal couple's program will also look at how Pakistan is addressing problems related to the climate change crisis.

Before their meeting with the premier, the royal couple met President Arif Alvi as part of their first visit to the country.

"Arrival of the royal couple will highlight Pakistan's positive and peaceful image in the world", Qureshi told reporters.

It comes as Britain seeks to reinvigorate its foreign relationships with the looming deadline for Britain's departure from the European Union, while Pakistan works to fix its global image to boost tourism and investment.

Security is extremely tight for the five-day visit, during which the couple is set to visit Pakistan's second-largest city Lahore - once the capital of the Mughal Empire - as well as the mountainous north and the region near the border with Afghanistan in the west.

Similar to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's tour of Africa, Prince William and Duchess Kate are strengthening the relationship between Britain and Pakistan while focusing on the country today as a "dynamic, aspirational and forward-looking nation", but William is also expected to follow in his mother's footsteps in the causes he champions.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be guarded by a ring of steel with 1,000 police officers on a visit dubbed the "most complex" ever by Kensington Palace, reports The Sun. They arrived in Islamabad on Monday, the first royal trip to the country in more than a decade.

Former worldwide cricketing star Mr Khan was a friend of William's mother Diana, Princess of Wales. At a critical junctureThe trip also comes at a time when Pakistan is trying to fix its crisis-stricken economy and boost its reputation on the global stage. Instead of wearing heels, Diana gave her look a comfortable spin and paired her suit with silver ballet flats.

Previously, royals stopped visiting because of safety concerns with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, being the last members of the royal family to visit Pakistan in 2006, according to Forbes. "In the Margalla Hills, which sit in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined children from four local schools, taking part in activities created to educate young people on environmental protection and wildlife conservation", said Kensington Palace on Twitter.