Murderer who triggered Hong Kong protests will go to Taiwan: pastor


"We urge the United States to stick to worldwide law and the basic norms governing global relations, earnestly respect China's sovereignty and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs by any means", said Zang.

The proposal sparked a massive public backlash with record-breaking crowds hitting the streets.

He is due for release next week.

"He expressed great regret for the victim's family and he was very sorry for causing such trouble in Hong Kong", Koon added, calling Chan's decision "brave".

"The pastor eventually convinced him to agree in principle to surrender hielf in Taiwan, although Chan hoped that he would not be sentenced to death by Taiwan authorities", the newspaper said.

Chan Tong-kai allegedly strangled his pregnant partner Poon Hiu-wing, stuffed the body in a pink suitcase and dumped it in a thicket of bushes near a Taipei train station while they were on a Valentine's Day holiday to the self-ruled island past year.

▶️Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters donned cartoon character masks as they formed human chains across the semi-autonomous Chinese city on Friday night, in defiance of a government ban on face coverings at public assemblies.

Many Hong Kong residents are angry with what they believe is excessive force by police and the introduction of the face mask ban by embattled leader Carrie Lam. In Tsim Sha Tsui a long line of protesters linked hands, all wearing a facade of Xi's smiling face.

"If we don't march now, we may not have the chance in the future", she told AFP.

"For those of us who support the promotion of basic human rights and dignity, it was refreshing to hear a tech titan say that priorities were more important than profits", the letter reads, referring to a previous Cook quote from a in front of the Anti-Defamation League in 2018.

Its leader Jimmy Sham was hospitalised on Wednesday after he was attacked by men wielding hammers.

Previous protest rejections by police have been widely ignored by protesters and quickly turn violent.

While the CHRF's rallies have begun peacefully, masked protesters have routinely clashed with police later on.

Riot police and protesters have fought street battles, with police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and live rounds against brick and petrol-bomb throwing activists.

Zang Tiewei, a spokesperson for the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, on Friday denounced the U.S. House of Representatives' passing of the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.