Mitt Romney's Secret Twitter Account Revealed


While it is now unknown how Mitt Romney decided on the name for his secret Twitter account, he does speak French thanks to his time doing missionary work in the country.

Here's Pierre Delecto delighting in Newt Gingrich getting called out as a hypocrite and serial philanderer.

#PierreDelecto started trending nationally across Twitter early Monday, beginning with confusion and quickly evolving to become the joke of the day. Slate's Ashley Feinberg then uncovered an account underthe name Pierre Delecto, which appeared to match Romney's description.

Since the Slate piece was published, Coppins reached out to Romney to ask about the newly-discovered Twitter account, to which the senator confirmed, "C'est moi, '" or, in English, "It's me". "They don't have Mitt Romney in their midst - they don't have people like that".

Senator Jim Inhofe, a Republican who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Saturday that Trump understood the need for the United States to maintain air power in the region.

Coppins asked Romney about President Trump's Twitter rants, and specifically, the president's creation of the #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY hashtag.

Romney told The Atlantic that he used the account "to keep tabs on the political conversation".

But the politician isn't embarrassed by his Twitter alias. It followed a slew of never-Trump Republicans and Romney family members, but rarely tweeted... except occasionally in support of Romney. The first tweet, sent four years after the account was created, was a retweet of a Fox News poll from the 2016 presidential race.

Why did Romney use a secret account?

Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians ("What's his name, the big redhead from Boston?"), and athletes.

Those were apparently enough clues for Feinberg.

Senator Lindsey Graham speaks before a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington April 9, 2019.

Another clue was Delecto's Twitter activity.

The account has only tweeted a handful of times, all in reply to other tweets.

Screen shots from the account show Delecto liking tweets that praised Romney's criticism of Trump's Syria decision.

Delecto also enjoyed this tweet in which Trump attack dog Rudy Giuliani (aka his lawyer) was compared to an unspecified Batman villain.

The mysterious Pierre Delecto was following 703 people - 35 more than Romney said he had.

"Only Republican to hit Trump on [Mueller] report, only one to hit Trump on character time and again, so Soledad, you think he's the one without moral compass?"

The account dates back to 2011.

"Don't read the comments, ever", Delecto wrote.

As some praised Romney for the name, describing it as "exquisite" and "objectively terrific", others were reminded of equally distinctive pseudonyms used by public figures in the past. Carlos Danger was the pseudonym used by former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner from NY, who resigned, pled guilty and went to prison over charges of sending sexual material to a minor. Former pro football player Michael Vick allegedly referred to himself as "Ron Mexico" in an attempt to hide his identity while receiving treatment for herpes. "It puts at risk our Kurdish allies who were there for us when nobody else was on the ground". He regularly "liked" Mitt Romney's posts.

That's when Romney revealed his secret Twitter habit.

Several people suggested they would dress as Romney's alter ego for Halloween.