Pence criticizes National Basketball Association and Nike for siding with China over Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which Norman Chan headed for a decade, is widely respected as an independent institution that has successfully managed the territory's U.S. dollar currency peg for nearly 40 years. They don't want to be seen to be giving in to the sometimes violent protests that have been seen on Hong Kong streets for at least four months.

Hong Kong authorities formally banned a group promoting independence from China in September a year ago, the first outlawing of a political organization since the handover.

Since early June, Hong Kong has been engulfed in anti-government protests triggered by the bill, which officials insisted was the only way to ensure Chan faced justice, but also would have allowed the extradition of accused individuals to mainland China for trial under a judicial system with little guarantee of rights.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam had repeatedly cited Chan's case as justifying the proposed amendments to the extradition legislation, saying he could not be sent to the self-ruled island because there was no extradition agreement in place.

The incident was one of the contributing factors behind the Hong Kong government's proposal to implement an anti-extradition bill this year. "I've been to China probably over 15 to 20 times". Wearing a blue shirt and a red backpack outside of a maximum-security prison, Chan bowed deeply twice and apologized to Poon's family and to the people of Hong Kong. But from the perspective of the Hong Kong protesters such a move is likely to be seen as a concession. The president has made no extended comments about China's jailing of more than 1 million Uighur Muslims in northwest China, though this month he authorized the State Department to issue visa restrictions on Chinese officials in response to the abuses.

When Huang returned to the mainland, authorities in the southeastern city of Guangzhou summoned her to a meeting and confiscated her travel documents, the sources said.

Chan is wanted in Taiwan for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend while the pair where on vacation there past year.

The Hong Kong protests have been raging all summer and have sparked worldwide outcry.

"We are solemnly telling the Hong Kong government that you have to take full responsibility for all bitter consequences", the council statement said.

Over recent months, Beijing has set up a special team working from Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong, to gather information and it acted as the major communication channel between Hong Kong and Beijing, according to two people familiar with the situation.

Chan and Poon arrived at a hotel after midnight on February 17, 2018.

The WSJ reported they also got into an argument after she allegedly told him that the baby's biological father was her former boyfriend and even showed him a video of her having sex with another man.

Lawmaker Raymond Chan told VOA that he, too, would not ease up on his demands within the halls of the legislative body. So Carrie Lam needs to tackle the rest of the demands, and she needs to deliver the leadership in order to make the whole community remember those things should not be done again, and she needs to deliver a roadmap and timetable to solve the problem of Hong Kong.