US Took Two Prisoners During Raid of ISIS Leader’s Compound


USA officials said on Monday that the body of Islamic State group chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was buried at sea as fresh details surfaced about the U.S. special forces operation that led to his death over the weekend.

That U.S. forces neither used Turkey's nearby Incirlik air base as a staging ground nor informed Ankara about the target of the operation in advance testifies to the unreliability of an ally Mr. Trump says he is counting on to prevent the Islamic State's resurgence.

USA forces fired missiles, bombs and guns to blow up the compound as they left and disposed of Baghdadi's mangled body at sea, officials said.

Pence said the raid was evidence the US position in the region was strong. "But it was a better weekend than a lot of them for the president", he added, because Islamic State leader "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Bagh-dead-i now".

Milley said he could not confirm Trump's claim that Baghdadi had been "whimpering and crying" as he fled U.S. forces in a tunnel at the compound.

"Baghdadi's death will not rid the world of terrorism or end the ongoing conflict in Syria", Esper said while briefing reporters.

During a visit to Chicago for a police chiefs convention Monday, Trump said the oil fields in Syria were worth $45 million a month in revenue, and the USA plans to keep them. According to Trump, al-Baghdadi detonated an explosive vest he was wearing, killing himself and three of his children.

Bin Laden's burial at sea triggered mixed reactions, with a prominent imam saying the United States violated Islamic custom by not burying bin Laden on land, a move seen as a U.S. attempt to prevent his resting place from becoming a shrine for extremist followers.

The heightened security also comes as Kurdish forces said they are continuing operations to hunt down IS leaders in Syria.

The informant, took a pair of al-Baghdadi's civvies, Can said.

President Trump's elaborate tale of ISIS's Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dying "like a dog" and a coward, whimpering pathetically all the while, and watching the whole thing in real time like a Hollywood film is raising eyebrows, mostly on the basis that it didn't happen like he says.

The source also "brought Al Baghdadi's underwear to conduct a DNA test and make sure (100%) that the person in question was Al Baghdadi himself", he added.

In a speech delivered in Chicago, Illinois, on Monday, Trump said it was a "tremendous" weekend for the United States, having killed Baghdadi.

The daring raid on the compound where Baghdadi was hiding in Syria was the culmination of years of steady intelligence-gathering work - and 48 hours of hurry-up planning once Washington got word on where he would be. "Remember that, I've always said that".

Trump's tweet declassifying - which is declaring it to no longer be secret - the picture of the dog caused an online reaction.