Warren: Medicare for All plan will not raise middle-class taxes 'one penny'


Based on CBS News polling, most Americans think the nation's health care system needs fundamental changes or to be completely rebuilt, and costs are what concern them most. "That system is Medicare for All".

Her plan is built on transferring to the government 98% of the $8.8 trillion she estimates that employers will spend on private insurance for their employees.

The Massachusetts Democrat said her plan will cover everyone and put $11 trillion back in the pockets of working-class Americans by doing away with insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Long-term care would also be covered.

Warren also lagged Biden, Sanders and fellow Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker in overall endorsements from state legislators, although she has the most in Iowa, which hosts the first nominating contest, according to a tracker compiled by University of Houston professor Boris Shor.

Warren, a US senator from MA, is one of 18 Democrats vying for the party's nomination to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

Amidst a massive surge in debates and rallies, Warren is now, as mentioned, an overwhelming favorite as former Vice President Biden has fallen off dramatically.

Being "realistic" isn't necessarily the goal of Ms Warren's proposal or even the central point of her plan-heavy campaign, however.

"A key step in winning the public debate over Medicare for all will be explaining what this plan costs - and how to pay for it", Warren said in her plan.

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse released a two-sentence statement in response to the plan: "Hahaha", Sasse said. South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg (D.) called her "extremely evasive", and former vice president Joe Biden told voters she wasn't being "straightforward" about the tax increases her plan would necessitate. The poll is Klobuchar's second poll that meets the standard to qualify for the December Democratic presidential debate, which requires 4% in at least four national or early state polls that meet the DNC's criteria or 6% in two early state polls between October 16 and Dec. 12. Medicare for All would extend the program to cover all Americans, including at least 24 million who are now uninsured, eliminating the need for private health insurance.

"When fully implemented, my approach to Medicare for All would mark one of the greatest federal expansions of middle class wealth in our history", stated Warren, in her plan. Medicare for All would require approval by the US Congress, where Democrats now control the House of Representatives and Republicans the Senate. NHPR's Casey McDermott asked Warren about where the money will come from to fund her proposal, to which Warren said she does not have details yet "but I'll have a plan on it soon". Small fees on the largest banks and eliminating tax loopholes that let giant multinational corporations call "themselves American companies while sheltering their profits in foreign tax havens to avoid paying their share for American investments" could generate trillions more in revenue, according to her plan. Supporters of single-payer health care cite administrative cost savings from eliminating the private medical insurance industry and dividends from lower government-set prices for prescription drugs.

Friday's sweeping proposal is meant to rebut critics, but it could also lead to new scrutiny from both Democrats and Republicans as they comb through the details.

As outlined in a post on her website, Warren would levy a new tax on billionaires, in addition to her existing wealth tax, to help finance Medicare for All.