Microsoft's Chromium-Based Edge Browser Officially Launches January 15, 2020


There's a new Microsoft Graph connectors preview program, which will allow companies to bring more information to their employees using Microsoft Search. Microsoft does understand that and has released a new logo for the upcoming Chromium based Edge browser.

Edge is now available on three channels depending on your comfort-level when it comes to dealing with new builds and inevitable bugs. It led to a series of words found in seven clues, which were then inputted to a Javascript function on Microsoft's Edge Insider website. We don't know yet when the finished version of the Edge browser will arrive.

A few weeks ago in August, Microsoft announced that its Chromium Engine-powered Edge browser is ready for a stable beta release, after testing it for several months. Bing will soon be able to search for people using natural language (such as an official title or office location), offer definitions for company acronyms, and more.

Millions of users choose Chrome on a Windows PC instead of Edge despite Edge being preinstalled and set as the default browser.

It's Microsoft's focus on business customers that spurred the company to rebuild Edge around Chromium. Microsoft is applying the underlying Chromium Blink rendering know-how, but is replacing very a couple of Chromium products and services with Microsoft equivalents.

Microsoft is aiming for a January 15 release date for the latest version of its browser, which will carry the new logo. "Your passwords, history, favorites, and settings will roam seamlessly across all your devices, and with native Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) sign-in, you can search for work files right from your phone".

Chromium is an open-resource browser implementation that is applied as a foundation by a range of browser developers, which includes Google (with its proprietary Chrome browser), Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex, Courageous, and more.