Google Play Points Programme Launched in the United States to Reward Downloads, Subscriptions


Google launched its new Play Points rewards programme in the United States this week. During the first week of one's participation in the program, Google says users will get three times the usual number of points on purchases.

Aside from unlocking new reward ranks, your Play Points can be redeemed for in-game or in-app purchases or Google Play Credit. Your level depends on how many points you've collected, and higher levels have perks like weekly prizes. It's a free program so you don't need to think twice about joining as you will earn points which you can use later on for discounts, special items, and donations to supported charities. Additionally, the app remains available for download on other Android marketplaces, thereby potentially exposing even more users. Points levels range from Bronze to Platinum. But if the latest patch hasn't reached your handset yet, you can cut out the threat entirely by either turning off NFC or disabling Android Beam. "Weekly points events can boost your earning rate on movies, books, and select games", said the company. It's a great alternative if you don't have anything to spend your Play Points on. Over 1,10,000 devices had faced these secret transactions before the app malicious actions were revealed. Pay is the next Google app that is getting the long-awaited dark theme, although we're not yet sure if the update that brings the new feature is rolling out to everyone. In that case, there will be no effect on the revenue of the developers.

As usually, the similar procedures of security cleanliness implement: stick to the Enjoy Keep for downloading applications and keep away from sideloading from other resources, and most importantly, scrutinize each and every permission an app needs just before set up.

Aside from the fact that Google patched this vulnerability last month, there are other reasons that this doesn't sit anywhere near the most risky threats facing your devices today.