Get ready for snow and bitter cold


The season's first severe cold front is rushing to put an end to those idyllic feelings with what could be near record-breaking temperatures for this time of year, along with the chance of the season's first snow. Several inches of snow are expected across Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania this afternoon into tonight.

"Live Guardian Radar showing areas in northern IL and parts of Iowa have already had 1-3" of snow accumulate overnight. Temperatures in Denver climbed past 70 degrees (21 Celsius) over the weekend only to fall to 14 degrees (-10 Celsius) early Monday.

The cold front dove into the mountains late last night and early this morning, send temperatures from the 60s during the day on Monday to the 20s and 30s this morning.

Despite winds starting to ease off Wednesday it will remain very cold.

This will be followed by colder temperatures for Thursday.

The lowest temperature was observed at -1 degree Fahrenheit at the Garden City, which was previously at 7 degrees.

The snow will likely have a big impact on the morning commute.

The National Weather Service said that it was the coldest it could be in November in the US. As far as amounts we are thinking 2-4 inches for most areas with the system snow, then lake-effect could bring another 4-8 inches, perhaps higher in spots in the main lake effect areas.

Steady snow continues to fall, especially in southern communities where brief times of moderate snow are possible. The NWS warns of slippery road conditions.

The cold air is officially here Wednesday morning. As of now, temperatures sit in the middle 20s for most.

Columbus and the surrounding areas are expected to see lows below freezing starting Tuesday morning, with low temperatures slowly rising throughout the week, according to The Weather Channel. Overnight temperatures will plummet into the low teens or single digits, and wind chills will be around zero.