Trump ally Roger Stone convicted of lying to Congress


President Donald Trump on Friday, after his former advisor Roger Stone was found guilty of several charges, demanded to know why his 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and several others were not also going to prison.

According to the Washington Post, a jury moments before noon returned a verdict finding him guilty of all seven charges after two days of deliberation.

Stone was indicted (pdf) in January on charges of making false statements to the House Intelligence Committee during its investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and attempts to persuade a witness to give false testimony and withhold pertinent information from investigators.

Prosecutors put forward emails and texts that they argued show Stone lied to the House Intelligence Committee about having Wikileaks-related communications that he didn't turn over to Congress.

Stone faces years in federal jail after he was found guilty today of lying to Congress about his efforts to procure stolen Democratic Party emails from WikiLeaks to help Donald Trump become President. In a written response to Mueller last spring, the president said he "did not recall being aware" of any talks between the site and his campaign officials, but he spoke with Stone by phone at least three times during that period, prosecutors said.

"The defense also insisted that Stone did not falsely deny having records related to the House investigation, because the investigation was about Russian Federation, not WikiLeaks", the report stated.

The actual "intermediary", prosecutors asserted, was conservative author Jerome Corsi, who was also questioned in the course of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation but did not testify in Stone's trial. Sentencing is scheduled for February 6.

As a reminder, Stone was on trial for lying to Congress and thereby obstructing an investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Key Trump campaign operative had testified in the trial, such as Steve Bannon and Rick Gates. But Judge Amy Berman Jackson rejected that request and said Stone will be subject to same conditions he faced following his arrest, including the gag order.

Prosecutors told the court that Stone had made the false statements to protect Mr Trump's image. Before the trial started, Stone told supporters and media he will not testify against him.

Earlier testimony revealed Stone, while appearing before the House intelligence committee, named Credico as his intermediary to Assange and pressured Credico not to contradict him.

In emails and texts, the jury saw messages that Stone had sent Credico that included comments like "Prepare to die", "You're a rat". Credico also testified during Stone's trial that Stone repeatedly told him to "do a 'Frank Pentangeli,"' a reference to a character in The Godfather: Part II who lies before Congress.