Mark Ruffalo Wants The Hulk To Have A Cameo In "She-Hulk"


The "Dark Waters" star also talked about the impact of the Marvel films on audiences, including his own son and his friends' reactions after seeing "Avengers". In response to Ruffalo, that exhibiting of Infinity War impressed threats of riot over its cliffhanger ending.

"I went out to CT, my son's in boarding college, I went on the market, bought all his associates that we may match into the automotive... and I put a hoodie on, like them, so it was me in my little hoodie and ten youngsters of their hoodies".

"All these kids were bawling, crying, freaking out, screaming in the auto and that's real emotion I think", Ruffalo said of the emotional reaction his son and his friends had to seeing an Avengers film. "We watch the film". Some kid jumps up on the back of his chair a few rows back, tears his shirt off, he's like, 'What is this? "Let's riot, let's tear this place aside!'"

When asked if enthusiasts will get to see him as the green superhero once again, he replied ideal away with an "I do not know", later on outlining his uncertainties. I have even might have participated in some of those movies. While Bruce and Hulk became a "whole" as the Smart Hulk, there has been no confirmation on whether Mark Ruffalo is done with the MCU or is there more of Hulk that we are yet to witness. "All these youngsters had been bawling, crying, freaking out within the automotive".

The last time we saw Bruce Banner he had turned into Smart Hulk during Avengers: Endgame, which meant he had found the flawless balance between the huge brawn of the Hulk and the intelligence of Banner.