Sondland acted at Trump's behest, official says


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday that President Donald Trump should not voice his concerns about the impeachment hearings on Twitter but instead should appear before Congress to testify.

Transcripts were also released from the testimony of Jennifer Williams, a special adviser to Pence, that raised new questions about how much Pence knew about the alleged trade-off that's central to the impeachment inquiry. Burisma is the gasoline company in Ukraine where Democrat Joe Biden's son Hunter served on the board.

Some conservatives criticized Trump for it. Ken Starr, the independent counsel whose investigation led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment, said on Fox News that Trump's tweet showed "extraordinarily poor judgment" and was "quite injurious".

"He related to me he was acting - he was discussing these matters with the President", Morrison said.

A transcript released on the same day included a testimonial from National Security Council official Timothy Morrison, who said that he felt nothing inappropriate happened during the July 25 call.

Democrats say US President Donald Trump abused his office by bullying a vulnerable ally into interfering on his behalf in the 2020 US election. The third one had no knowledge not even hearsay.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added a stern warning aimed specifically at Trump after weeks of furious presidential denunciation of the whistleblower whose complaint triggered the historic impeachment process.

Morrison had what he known as a "sinking feeling" that the abet may per chance well now not indirectly be released.

He also testified to lawmakers that he found nothing illegal or improper about it.

Morrison also said he anxious that any disclosure of the call would jeopardize bipartisan support for Ukraine in Congress and could also be used as a partisan bludgeon.

Morrison, who resigned a day earlier than his deposition final month, and Williams each expressed considerations about Trump's remarks to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

"It seems to me that this [impeachment inquiry] has been [created] for Democrats to harm the president for purely political reasons", Brady said in an interview with local media KPRC 2 Click2Houston.

Republicans, such as Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. Jim Jordan of OH, appeared to explain the hold up of aid as simply a case of the White House sizing up Zelenskiy to be sure he could be trusted. Rob Portman of OH "convinced the president that the aid should be disbursed immediately", said Morrison, who said he was briefed about the meeting but did not attend it. Ukraine, for many years, was known for pervasive corruption. During the call, Sondland had reportedly told Trump that Ukraine was "ready to move forward" with investigations into Hunter Biden's activities in Ukraine. She said in an addendum to her testimony that Zelenskiy had talked about the note "Burisma" in the name. He tried to keep himself and his office away from it.

"I think that's what we saw here". "So I wanted to keep my people focused on their mission and not dragged into anything if they could help it". It also underscores the magnitude of Sondland's scheduled public testimony this coming week. I am here to speak the truth and speak the truth about USA policy. Trump asked Sondland, referring to Ukrainian president Volodmyr Zelenskiy, according to Holmes' testimony.

According to Mr Taylor, Mr Sondland then told the aide that the president cared more about the investigation of the Bidens than anything else involving Ukraine. "In that same timeframe, there had been a Politico article that had come out referencing the hold on USA security assistance to Ukraine, so we anticipated that President Zelensky would want an update on that", Williams testified, "so that was part of the preparation process". The prosecutor general is Ukraine's top legal official.

Williams listened in on the July 25 call and said the requests appeared to have been made to further Trump's "personal political agenda" rather than USA foreign policy goals.

When asked by House investigators to define "reform agenda" Williams said: "On anticorruption reforms, on reforming the judiciary, and the legislative action that his administration was undertaking, but there was no discussion of any specific investigations".