SpaceX delays space station delivery due to high wind


NASA said the mission will carry a hyperspectral imaging system for the Japanese government capable of scanning the Earth's surface for types of geologic processes in mineral and oil resource exploration.

As of Tuesday morning, weather conditions were deemed to be 90% favorable for the Wednesday morning launch. Launches to the space station have instantaneous launch windows to catch the station in orbit.

There is, however, a risk of strong upper level winds, Air Force and SpaceX officials said.

For more updates on SpaceX's CRS-19 resupply mission, visit SpaceX's website. "We won't know until tomorrow".

The hotel, RiTS will be attached to the outside of the ISS to create and save storage on the inside.

RiTS even mounts to the robotic platform that moves Dextre up and down the external rails on station and ensures a RELL tool will always be accessible.

NASA pays private companies like SpaceX to launch supplies to the station. "The Japanese airlock for equipment is very popular, very busy".

Two robotic leak detectors will be stored in the toolbox, for example.

However, over its lifetime, the space station has accumulated occasional small ammonia leaks at its joints, often as a result of micrometeroids. Being able to do this 12 hours at a time from the exterior of the ISS will be extremely useful to the team of astronauts. That experiment is part of Anheuser-Busch's effort to make Budweiser "the first beer on Mars", according to Wired.

NASA has announced that SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will be transporting NASA's "robot hotel", or more formally known as the "Robotic Tool Stowage" unit. Many recent SpaceX launches have employed reused rockets.

This Dragon Capsule previously launched the CRS-4 and 12 missions to the International Space Station from Cape Canaveral, Florida.