Warren and Sanders Spar on Gender Issues at Iowa Debate


Warren made a vigorous case for a female president following a pre-debate feud with progressive rival Sanders.

Tuesday's Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa, was a snoozer.

It was the "awkward" chat seen around the world - or, at least, seen by everyone watching Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate. (The Vermont senator returned his remark with a fabulous and "Yeah, good, okay.") The network states that they obtained the audio from "two backup recordings from the microphones Sanders and Warren were wearing".

The words used by the candidates were not audible to viewers, but CNN said audio of the exchange had been found Wednesday.

"I think you called me a liar on national TV", Warren says in the clip while rejecting Sanders' handshake offer.

"You know, let's not do it right now".

Sanders vehemently denied Warren's accusation that he said in 2018 a woman could not beat Trump.

Sanders then adds: "You called me a liar", before concluding: "All right, let's not do it now".

First, the spat. When news broke Monday that Bernie Sanders allegedly told Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that he didn't believe a woman could defeat Donald Trump, pundits were quick to forecast the next debate's biggest flashpoint.

Views of the Sanders-Warren battle are hardening fast and tensions are running hot as supporters for each candidate retreat to their corners to accuse the other side of playing dirty. "I didn't say it".

Warren was clearly surprised that Sanders made her statement about their personal conversation, which allegedly took place at Warren's apartment in December 2018, simply look like a piece of gossip! This year is even crueler than usual because of the interaction of the Senate impeachment trial with the early primary and precinct states.

When Sanders was called on again, he turned to Warren in an exchange that could illuminate the crossed wires between the two old friends. And some, truth be told, I neither like nor trust. "But I will tell you one thing I know for sure". During the Tuesday night debate, he maintained: "Of course a woman can win".

Sen. Bernie Sanders overstated a statistic on health care spending when he said "workers" were "paying on average 20% of their incomes for health care".

"Do I believe a woman can win in 2020?" "They had a long conversation about the challenges a woman would face facing Trump, because she asked. CNN's debate has been criticized across the entire ideological spectrum of media today because their moderators spent the entire debate asking slanted questions obviously created to weaken Americans' confidence in Senator Sanders, the current frontrunner in the first three primary states". "Look at the men on the stage - collectively they've lost 10 elections", she added. In 2015 I deferred in fact to Senator Warren.