How to clear Facebook history, disconnect third-party apps, sites


However, Facebook is now letting users see-and delete-the data that it tracks from non-Facebook sources thanks to a new "Off-Facebook Activity" menu.

You can access Facebook's "Clear History" tool via Settings Your Facebook information Off-Facebook Activity.

Facebook has stated that various businesses send information to Facebook about the activities of a user on their website and app, based on which the users get relevant ads on Facebook.

Earnings also narrowly topped analyst estimates for Facebook in Q4, with the company posting $2.56 earnings per share.

Notwithstanding the fact that Facebook tracks you on several apps and websites even when you are not using the platform seems very freakish and shady, the new development seems geared towards transparency.

Facebook tracks users when they're not using Facebook. That's where you'll be able to manage your off-Facebook activity, clear off-Facebook history, and manage your future activity.

"Today at our F8 conference I'm going to discuss a new privacy control we're building called "Clear History".

In reality, all that you can do is disconnect your Facebook activity from your non-Facebook activity.

The name also separates the data collection processes and data sharing ones.

Facebook's main social network had 2.5 billion monthly active users as of December 31, slightly topping analysts' estimate of 2.49 billion. Note that Facebook doesn't actually delete that data. That's Mark Zuckerberg's minions - namely, algorithms collecting data from your offsite activities - at work. It reportedly builds shadow profiles of people who visit a website or uses an app that has Facebook's trackers installed. Then select "Settings" and "Your Facebook Information".

It's why people are convinced Facebook must be listening to their conversations since they see ads in their News Feed for the very products or items they were just talking about. If consumers embrace the tool, it could drive down the value of ads, because they would theoretically be less effective. Now you can see a summary of that information and clear it from your account if you want to. It was originally called the "Clear History" button when it was announced in 2018, as the company came under fire for sharing millions of Americans' personal data with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook has warned for several quarters that growing at the same rate will be more hard in the future.