Pats willing to offer Brady $30M


The Los Angeles Chargers are another team in the running for Brady and they reportedly have accommodations that would work for Brady.

The Patriots are intent on keeping Brady, obviously, believing he has one or two good years left.

Derek Carr was coming off his second season under head coach Jon Gruden, which many were calling a "make or break" year.

That speculation has duly occurred, with debate surrounding whether the 42-year-old is walking towards the field - indicating that he will play on - or away from it.

In the ongoing mystery of whether the New England Patriots will bring Tom Brady back for the 2020 National Football League season, one of the biggest questions is whether the team will be willing to shell out top dollar at the quarterback position. He simply wants the Patriots to spend the money they save at quarterback on legitimate offensive weapons, which they lacked this season.

Tom Brady, Corey Clement, and Travis Kelce are the latest stars to get trashed with mean tweets.

Rather than a hint about his NFL future, the post was actually a scene from a commercial that will feature Brady during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, according to NFL Network.

"I think that Derek is an awesome quarterback", rookie Josh Jacobs said on Friday. The New England Patriot obtained proper into a number of the epically savage feedback, and we have been loving his humorousness in direction of the entire thing.

On Thursday, Tom Brady gave Patriots fans quite the scare with a cryptic social media post. "I'm Tom Brady and I am a cry baby and I have a butthole in my chin!"

Brady will become a free agent in March and has said he is "open-minded" about exploring offers in free agency.