Huawei Denies Not Wanting to Return to Using Google Services


So confident that Huawei are with the product they have created in their banned state that they are now saying they may not use Google services again even if they are allowed to. His comments made it seem like the company was going a different route.

Ever since May 2019, Huawei has been adapting to life without Google Mobile Services (GMS).

We have already heard that Huawei is working on both Harmony OS, an operating system that will work on many devices, and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), replacements for Google Mobile Services (GMS) that you could use on both Harmony OS and Android, which is an open platform operating system (so that Huawei is not prohibited from using it). One of their country managers in Europe told a local newspaper that even if the trade ban is lifted, they will not return to Google's services and instead will focus on their own OS that they have been developing as a backup to living in a Google-less world for their devices. Ever since the ban by the USA, the company has been adapting to the situation by finding alternative solutions.

And for users in China, smartphones without Android apps from the Google Play Store is business as usual.

The company plans on continuing the development of its own ecosystem and app store, in which it is investing $3 billion in 2020. The whole thing is expected to continue with releases that are scheduled for the near future. Huawei also reportedly signed a deal with a third-party navigation services provider to replace Google Maps.

However, the company will soon launch the P40 series, which will feature no Google apps, just like the Mate 30 series that was unveiled last fall.

Although the US has continued to offer time-bound relaxation of the trade ban, it will not help Huawei in the long run, clarified the company. Rumors say the company will unveil the Mate X 2 during that period. Even the company bragged about how powerful its own Operating system, Harmony OS is.

However, company spokespersons outside of Austria shared different opinions to other western journalists.

Huawei has gone through a lot over the past few months. The shift has actually been much from smooth as Huawei was apparently left without a secure application ecological community over night however it appears the business isn't searching in the rearview mirror.