Biden Looks Ahead After 'Gut Punch' In Iowa


But that's exactly what many caucus chairs tried to do. But when they turned to the traditional method - calling results in by telephone - they were put on hold and could not get through.

Openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

"Having a paper-based system not only mitigates the likelihood of foreign interference but also reduces the possibility of the integrity and the results or the accuracy of the results being incorrect", says David Levine at the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a think tank in Washington, DC. "Probably no. But it doesn't matter - all you need is enough gas to finish the race", said John Morgan, a Florida plaintiffs attorney and one of Biden's top fundraisers.

Either the presidential hopeful is learning from these past interactions - and recognizing the unfavorable optics that come with them - or Biden is better prepared to handle interrupting hecklers than he is potential supporters.

Sanders, 78, was ahead in the Iowa popular vote, which is not used to determine the delegates who will cast ballots at the Democratic National Convention in July. Sanders himself said late Monday, "Today marks the beginning of the end for Donald Trump".

But Hasen notes that there are a number of states, like Pennsylvania, that will be using all new voting equipment this year and that could lead to breakdowns and confusion. Such a peculiar vote delay. "They wanted me in their districts", Biden said.

Pete Buttigieg holds narrow lead in Iowa as counting nears completion

Meanwhile, election officials also expressed concern over the low turnout at the recent Democrat caucus. "Transparency is absolutely critical to building public trust in an age when it is so easy to create disinformation by simply saying something in social media". Park praised Van der Heever for her interaction with the voter, saying that it was a "masterclass in patience, persistence, and love". Democrats in Nevada, the next caucus following Iowa, had been working with Shadow.

But that left a serious gap.

According to a Campaign Disclosure Report, the Iowa Democratic Party paid $63,183.91 to Shadow late a year ago in the form of two payments. Federal authorities were in contact throughout the evening with party officials, checking to make sure there were no signs of a cyber attack.

"The Democrat Party in Iowa really messed up, but the Republican Party did not". At one point Biden said the heckles are proof of how much Trump doesn't want him to be the Democratic nominee.

"Was it satisfying? No". As my friend Ben Kaplan said, "The press are not calling this a debacle because there are widespread reports of poorly run caucuses, or of inaccurate delegate or alignment counts; they're calling it a debacle because anchors had to fill dead air". "And after the GOP fiasco of 2012, Iowa probably shouldn't even try". It had to raise millions of dollars in order to pull off an event under worldwide scrutiny, and financially, did not have the wherewithal to test the system as completely as it should have, she said. "You as an agency have a responsibility because you do it every single day to guide them in the right way and to be forward thinking on their behalf", said Katie Patterson, CEO and founder of Happy Medium. Mr Bloomberg, 77, was absent from the caucuses but spent roughly US$10 million (S$13.7 million) on a Super Bowl advertisement, going head to head with Mr Trump at the event the night before the voting.