Mike Pompeo tours Kazakhstan with Caution over Chinese investment


The Department of Homeland Security also announced that U.S. citizens flying from China to the United States will be redirected to one of the eleven airports where the government has implemented improved screening procedures and quarantine capabilities.

During the talks, Mike Pmpeo conveyed greetings from the US.

"They said they were very concerned about human rights and freedoms, and they expressed concern and solicitude for all of the Uyghur and Kazakh victims in Xinjiang", he said. "We hope also to bring some medical supplies in the context of those aircraft traveling into the region", Pompeo noted. "You get fair deals".

Accusing the media of lying is a go-to for Central Asian governments.

"Secretary Pompeo discussed a range of global and regional issues with Kazakhstan's elder statesman and praised the breadth and depth of the bilateral relationship begun under (Nursultan) Nazarbayev's leadership".

Central Asia is a region where both Russian Federation and China enjoy privileged interests, with Washington struggling to keep up in recent years. In the country's capitol on Monday, Pompeo held a summit with a handful of foreign ministers from six neighboring countries and met with the nation's president. Governments unhappy with the media's coverage often label unfavorable reports "fake" and "lies" and pass laws that make journalism more hard and risky.

"There was one person there to represent each of the five families", he said.

For example, in 2017 then-Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev called out journalists and the media for spreading lies, slander, and "fake news" - borrowing U.S. President Donald Trump's phrasing.

Reported by Qiao Long for RFA's Mandarin Service. Pomepo didn't really respond to the first part of Toleukhanova's question in which she mentioned that previous year "RFE/RL journalists were physically attacked while doing their jobs, multiple times, and authorities have made no progress to try to find those responsible".

More than a week ago he reportedly lost his temper with a National Public Radio (NPR) journalist who asked him whether he owed an apology to the former U.S. ambassador to Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch.

However, China slammed the U.S. for sanctioning the act and called the U.S. politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "ignorant & hypocritical" for talking about "conscience".

After asking about the NPR incidents, Toleukhanova followed up with a simple question: "But what kind of message will it send?"

"It's a flawless message about press freedoms", Pompeo said. Before you departed to this trip you had a confrontational interview with a National Public Radio reporter, and after that trip your department removed another NPR reporter from the press pool.

The Open Skies Agreement Open that was signed by the American and Kazakh governments on January 6 allows airlines to make commercial decisions based on market demand without intervention from government regulators.

However, Kazakhstan has some under some criticism for pressure against an activist who had campaigned for the release of ethnic Kazakhs in China.