Bloomberg buffeted by recording of him discussing crime, minorities


Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday unveiled a massive state campaign staff that includes some of Ohio's most notable Democratic consultants and strategists.

According to the Aspen Times newspaper, Bloomberg's aides had asked journalists not to air footage of his remarks.

"95% of your murders - murderers and murder victims - fit one M.O.", Bloomberg said. Bloomberg is heard saying police need to be where the crime is, "which means in minority neighborhoods". The campaign previously said his intention was to reduce gun violence, but have since realized he may have been wrong for that past policy stance.

Stop-and-frisk is a practice where the police stop, question and search people on the street to try and find weapons and other illegal items. But Bloomberg championed stop-and-frisk during his time as mayor, arguing that the program "keeps NY safe" and has saved tens of thousands of lives.

The audio was also highlighted by President Donald Trump on social media, who shared a Twitter post and called Bloomberg "a total racist".

Trump has delivered frequent broadsides against Bloomberg, ignoring counsel from some aides, including senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, to avoid elevating him in a Democratic field that remains unsettled.

The three-term NY mayor goes on to advise blanketing minority neighborhoods with cops - once again, because "that's where the crime is" - and says the way to get guns off the streets is to "throw [minority youth] against the wall and frisk them".

US Senator Bernie Sanders led all other candidates in the poll with 20 percent support, up a point from last week, while 15 percent supported Bloomberg, the former NY mayor, an increase of 6 points.

What does Bloomberg say now about "stop and frisk"?

Mr Trump backed "stop and frisk" before and after he became USA president in 2017.

He said he believed that stop-and-frisk saved lives, but accepted that good intentions were not enough.

Michael Bloomberg is under fire for resurfaced comments in which the Democratic presidential candidate says the way to bring down murder rates is to "put a lot of cops" in minority neighborhoods because that's where "all the crime is".

Bloomberg launched his presidential bid late a year ago with an apology for his support for the policy.

The poll underscores what has been a steady decline in support for Biden, who was considered until recently the favorite to win the party's nomination.

Bloomberg has since distanced himself from the policy since launching his presidential campaign as part of a broader strategy aimed at appealing to minority voters. In 1973, for instance, Trump was sued by the Justice Department, who accused Trump Management of discriminating against African Americans.