Does 'Gravitational Pull' Allow Brooms to Stand on End on Certain Days?


This week, it was brooms that had social media users mesmerized after an armchair physicist claimed the Earth's gravitational pull would allow broomsticks to stand up all by themselves - Monday and Monday only. Long before people on Twitter started spouting claims about Earth's gravitational pull causing brooms to stand upright, people believed items like brooms and eggs would balance on their ends as a reaction to the vernal and autumnal equinoxes each year.

People are saying that NASA announced that on February 10, and only February 10, can people stand up a broom because of the earth's gravitational pull. or some planetary alignment, depending upon who you asked.

NASA never said that.

In 2012, the "standing broom" trick also went trending on social media.

"How the hell are you guys doing yours?"

In response to the Twitter storm, NASA uploaded a video to Twitter demonstrating that brooms can stand upright every day of the year.

Some are just happy people are taking an interest in physics, even if the initial "science" behind the challenge was false.

"OH MY GOD?!?! I REBUKE THIS #BroomChallenge #Gravity", she wrote.

A bogus claim accompanies this challenge.

NASA responded to the viral challenge by posting a video of scientists debunking the myth.

But it sure kept us entertained.